Dentures require proper care to keep them clean, sanitary and functioning for as long as possible. Dentures that aren’t properly cared for may not last as long and cause tooth, gum and mouth conditions that are easily preventable.

Dentures can be used for both the top and bottom jaw and may be considered partial (replacing only a few teeth) or complete (replacing an entire arch of teeth.) Just like your natural teeth, dentures can be susceptible to plaque, tartar and even stain development if not cleaned properly. Listed below are the best ways to care for your dentures properly. 

Remove your denture before bed

The most important advice is always to remove your denture before bed and never sleep with them. Your palate and tissues need time to breathe, and dentures hold bacteria onto your teeth, making you more susceptible to cavities and gum disease. You will even be prone to infection and conditions such as “denture stomatitis” if they are left in without being removed. 

Clean your denture when you remove them 

Be sure to brush your denture at least once daily. Use a separate toothbrush, designated just for your denture, to give them a good brush before you store them. You can either use warm water or a gentle denture cleanser. Be sure never to use the denture cleanser in your mouth, and rinse the denture thoroughly if utilizing a cleaning product. Harsh and abrasive cleaners should be avoided. Your denture should either be stored in a dry case or water overnight, be sure to talk to your dentist about what is recommended. 

Clean your teeth after removing your denture

The best time to properly clean your mouth is when your dentures have been removed before bed. This gives you a great chance to brush, floss and remove any food debris accumulated due to the dentures. If you have complete dentures and no teeth, you can use a damp gauze to remove bacteria from your gums, tongue and cheeks. 

Handle your denture with care

Be sure not to be too harsh with the dentures while holding them, inserting them or removing them. In addition, you may want to place a towel over the sink when handling your dentures in case they drop. Some dentures contain metal clasps that can be morphed or damaged if handled too aggressively. 

See your dentist routinely

Your dentist can check and professionally clean your dentures each time you see them. The fit and condition of the dentures will be checked, and oral hygiene instructions will be reviewed. Please be sure to wear your dentures to your appointments and don’t leave them at home. 

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