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If you’re noticing dark or brown spots on your teeth, especially accompanied by sensitivity or pain, you may need dental fillings due to dental decay.

Types of Dental Fillings

There are a variety of dental materials used for dental fillings, but the most common dental filling material is a composite filling (white filling). Metal or silver dental fillings are also available but are less commonly used now.

White dental fillings are great for use on the front teeth due to aesthetic purposes. Metal fillings are usually used on back teeth where biting pressures are stronger. However, white fillings are now increasingly used for teeth in the back of the mouth due to advances in material technology.

Dental Filling Procedure

Before the dental filling procedure, a dental x-ray is usually needed to confirm a diagnosis and to see the extent of tooth damage caused by dental decay. Dental decay that occurs between two teeth may impact both teeth, so a dental x-ray can help to confirm this.

Next, a dental anesthetic will be used for your comfort. During the dental filling procedure, your dentist will clean out the area affected by dental decay. Next, an appropriate dental filling material will be used to fill in or replace the lost tooth structure. Your dentist will carefully select a dental filling colour that matches your natural tooth for a seamless look. The dental filling will also be shaped and contoured by your dentist to match the natural look of adjacent teeth. Finally, the dental filling material will be hardened with a special curing light.

For most patients, the dental filling procedure takes place in one visit. Patients who require small fillings will not notice any discomfort and can go about their day usually. Patients who have received an extensive filling may notice some sensitivity or discomfort in the coming days if the dental decay was close to the tooth’s nerve. However, the sensitivity and discomfort will subside over time.

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