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One of the primary reasons a dental crown is recommended is to repair a tooth that has lost a large volume of its natural structure.

Dental Crown or Dental Filling?

You may be wondering, why can’t I have a dental filling instead of a dental crown? For teeth with small to medium areas of dental decay or cavities, a dental filling is normally used to fix the tooth. However, when a large tooth area needs to be repaired, a dental filling may fail if it is used. When eating, a large dental filling may not be strong enough to withstand the pressures exerted by chewing and biting food.

However, a dental crown is built to withstand extreme biting forces while eating. Your dentist may also recommend a dental crown to replace a larger dental filling if they notice signs that the dental filling is failing.

What Should I Expect?

A dental x-ray will be taken to determine the extent of the damage that has occurred to the tooth. To prepare the tooth for a dental crown, some of the tooth structures will be shaped so that the dental crown can be placed atop.

Once the tooth is shaped, a dental impression will be taken of the tooth so that a custom-made dental crown can be fabricated to precisely fit the tooth. The process of creating a custom-made dental crown that perfectly matches your existing teeth in terms of colour and shape takes a few days. To allow you to go about your life until the custom-made dental crown is ready, your dentist will typically place a temporary dental crown. When the permanent crown is ready, you will need to revisit your dentist to remove the temporary dental crown and replace it with the permanent crown.

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