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Whether you have never had your teeth cleaned before or you are just wondering how important dental cleanings are, read on to find out the answers to some frequently asked questions about a dental hygiene cleaning.

What is a dental hygiene cleaning?

The purpose of the cleaning is to remove any deposits and stains on your teeth, both above and below the gums.

What kind of deposits are they removing?

Both tartar and bacterial plaque will be removed during a dental cleaning, along with any surface staining on your teeth. Even with daily brushing and flossing, hard-to-reach areas aren’t getting properly cleaned. Our mouths are home to millions of harmful bacteria. It hardens when this bacterial plaque sits on your teeth and isn’t removed. The rough surface of tartar provides a home to even more bacteria. This means that in areas where you have tartar build-up, there will be lots of harmful bacteria living there.

What happens if I don’t get my teeth cleaned regularly?

If you aren’t getting your teeth cleaned regularly, you will be more likely to develop gum disease. The bacteria in your mouth produce toxins that cause your body to have an immune response and for your gums to become inflamed. This leads to swelling, bleeding and tenderness of the gums. When the inflammation only affects the gums, it is called gingivitis. If it is left to progress, gingivitis can lead to a more severe gum disease called periodontitis. This is when the bone that supports your teeth begins to break down and disappear. This can lead to having loose teeth that may eventually need to be extracted. Periodontitis is usually painless, and you may not even know you have it unless you are visiting your dentist regularly.

How often should I have my teeth cleaned?

Your dental professional will make an individualized recommendation, usually somewhere between every three months up to once a year. This is determined by many factors, including your general health, lifestyle factors, oral hygiene habits and how healthy your gums are. This recommendation will be based on your needs, not your insurance coverage.

What else can I expect from a dental cleaning?

  • Since your oral health is closely linked to your overall health, regular dental cleanings are essential for your whole body. If you have uncontrolled gum disease, the bacteria from your mouth can enter your bloodstream and travel throughout your body, putting you at higher risk of systemic diseases such as heart disease and stroke.
  • At your dental cleaning appointments, your dental professional will be able to provide you with one-on-one personalized oral hygiene instructions.
  • If you get surface stains on your teeth from coffee, tea, wine or smoking, your teeth will be noticeably whiter after a dental cleaning.

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