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A traditional dental bridge is a fixed dental prosthesis is used to fill in the space or gap left by one or more missing or lost teeth. It may be held securely by your natural teeth or with dental implants.

Why Choose A Dental Bridge?

There are various treatment options available to replace a missing tooth, each with advantages and disadvantages. Dental bridges are a common choice for many patients who want to balance cost and function.

A dental bridge is considered a permanent tooth replacement option. A dental bridge can last five to seven years, or even much longer when proper care and cleaning is performed using tools specially designed to clean dental bridges.

What Is The Procedure Like?

A dental bridge consists of an artificial tooth that is joined to adjacent teeth. To allow a bridge to fit into the mouth, the adjacent teeth will be filed down to prepare the teeth to accept a dental bridge to fit atop them.

This means that some tooth structures from healthy teeth must be removed to allow space for the dental bridge. This is one major disadvantage of a dental bridge, and if it is something you’d like to avoid, then a dental implant is the next best option.

Once the adjacent teeth have been prepared, a dental impression will be taken of the area. The dental impression will be used to create a custom-fitted dental bridge. Since the process of creating a dental bridge takes a few days, your dentist may place a temporary dental bridge until the new one is ready. Once the new dental bridge is ready in a few days, you will need to see your dentist have it permanently cemented into place.

It is important to note that a dental bridge requires special flossing tools to keep them clean due to its design. Unlike natural teeth, floss or a flossing wand is unable to go between the sides of the artificial tooth because it is unibody design. Be sure to check with your dentist about getting the proper tools to keep your dental bridge in great shape.

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